Sunday, October 13, 2013

{30 thoughts} full of frustration

A few weeks ago I tweaked my shoulder at work. I can't go into any more detail than that but let's just say I am not happy about it. For a week I kind of ignored it and thought it would get better. Yes, I did go see my PT but I didn't go see my surgeon. I already had my 4 month appointment with him so I figured I'd just wait until then. That appointment happened 13 days after the injury.

not happy tears at my 4 month check up

My surgeon is pretty certain I didn't injure what I just had surgery on {labrum} but there is some question as to if I injured something else. Only time will tell. I now am back to two times per week PT and we are giving it a month and if it isn't getting we are going back in for an MRI. I doubt I will make it to a month without the MRI...but we will see. I NEED to know. Even if it feels kind of better in the next month I want an MRI.

At this moment in time frustration does not begin to cover my thought process. I do not know what I will do if I have to have another shoulder surgery. The first time I was rather blissful before the recovery but now I know exactly what it entails. OKAY...I cannot think that this. I must hope and envision and dream of a healed shoulder. I must do my exercises. I slacked off when I got hurt because I was just in a terrible mood. I must go to barre3 {with major modifications} because it is the best thing for my soul. Though, it is SO frustrating that before the incident I was doing full barre3 with absolutely no modifications. SIGH.

Regardless of what happens life will go on. Barre3 will be there, my husband will be supportive, and I will get through this obstacle.

Fingers crossed {that I do NOT need another surgery}!!!


  1. That fucking sucks Annie. I'm glad you're trying to stay positive. Definitely have my fingers crossed for you!

    1. I love you. That is what I really wanted to write but I was trying to stay positive!!!