Friday, October 18, 2013

{30 thoughts} this isn't a diet...

Despite what some people told me when I first started my change, this is NOT a diet. Sure, in the past I'd failed at changing my lifestyle for various reasons. I wasn't ready, I didn't know how, I didn't want to. This time was different. I had the drive, the lab results, and the support that I needed.

When I first started eating healthy {and many, many times now-a-days} it is hard to turn down the treats, the sweets, and the old staples in my diet. I do it sometimes and I don't do it at other times. Sometimes I use my "it has to be the best of that item" rule and sometimes I don't! It's as simple and as complicated as that.

This quote speaks to me. I didn't do this in 5 months, I did it in 2+ years!!

2 years ago today!!!
Left 2011
Middle 2012
Right 2013

It's a little big ;-)
You know the reason I know this isn't a diet. Just last tonight we were eating pizza {yes, it is not barre3 fall challenge approved but alas} and Jason said "I think the salad tastes better than the pizza". This week I walked down the mac & cheese isle at the grocery store and my mouth didn't salivate. When we go to restaurants we always order salads now. Going gluten free {yes, the pizza was not gluten free} isn't as daunting as I thought it was even a month ago.
I won't go back. I can't go back.

Fingers crossed {that this lifestyle change gets easier & easier}!!

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