Tuesday, October 22, 2013

{30 thoughts} things people say...

People say some ODD things. I know I am guilty of this too but long ago I wanted to jot some of these down. There are things people have seriously said to me.

{When we were trying to get pregnant}

My husband could just look at my and I could get pregnant.

I wish I'd have had trouble getting pregnant then I wouldn't have had three little kids at the same time.

Just relax.

It'll happen if you really want it.

I could see you guys not ever having kids.

{When I was losing weight}
It's just a diet. You'll be off of it by next month.
Don't get too skinny like ______. She doesn't look healthy now.
What diet pill are you taking?
Do you think you're really going to be able to do this?
Why are you doing this to yourself?

Some of these questions are valid, some are insane, and some are down right insulting! I good portion of these are from 2 people. But you know what...the best part of all of it - it doesn't matter! I mean, it bugs me but it doesn't affect what I am doing. I am letting all the positive praise, comments, and inquiries fill me up with joy!!!

Rise above the negative.

Fingers crossed {that I haven't accidentally said something like this to someone}!

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