Wednesday, October 23, 2013

{30 thoughts} sure, I'm just skinny I can cheat*

*This is not what I think of myself. Read on.

Most people are offended by cuss words but I am most certainly not one of them. There are words that to bug me and I know I am guilty of using them in the past but at the present point in my life...they just aren't my favorite.

If you look up the definition of SKINNY it says "very thin or too thin." Sure, there are people that are skinny but I am not one of them. I consider myself fit (wow, that's weird to say). Just last week someone said "look at you miss skinny minny" and I tried not to cringe. I nicely said "Ohhh, I don't consider myself skinny, I consider myself fit" and left it at that. I know they meant it is a compliment so I try to take it as one. We have been conditioned that skinny is the "right" way to be. I might be okay with the worth thin but even that doesn't apply to me. I have curves and I LOVE them...I don't want to be labeled skinny or thin - I want to be labeled FIT :)

This is one of the things I am not sure I ever said to myself. Every pound I lost I was happy. I might have, maybe I blocked it out. I digress. When people say they "just lost" or "only lost" X amount of pounds in X amounts of weeks I hope someday they come to realize what a feat that truly was! There is nothing wrong with losing 1 pound a week. In fact, it's better to do it that way. I lost my first 60 pounds in 60 weeks and was staggered. Now, here I am at week 104 and I have lost 79 pounds. Yes, the gap has gotten bigger but I am still happy!!

I get that everyone wants to lose weight, fast. But you know what...

Another word I dislike is CHEAT. As a general rule I think using the word cheating is a cop out. When people cheat {on eating, each other or a test} it is conscious choice you are making. It wasn't an accident. When I eat something that isn't "clean" or "healthy" I know what I am doing. Now, with that being said I know when I was eating unhealthy {and sometimes now} I would unconsciously over eat or binge on a food {can you say Doritos}!!! I consider the "cheat foods or meals" I have to be a part of life. Sometimes I choose to eat pizza, doughnuts, Skittles, pasta, bread, cheese, etc., though often time I don't!
Fingers crossed {I can maintain all of this hard work I've done}

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