Saturday, October 26, 2013

{30 thought} first focus group!

Today I went to my first focus group! I was contacted by half of the bloggers from Cardigans and Couture, Regan who has a friend who was running the group. Her email went something like this...

I am passing along the word for a friend who is looking for women to participate in a focus group or "at home ethnography" related to bras. Clearly I don't fall into the D-DD category…not sure that you do either, but I know you have better cleavage than I do!

I love that she felt comfy enough to contact me! It was quite the experience. I sat around a table with other women and talked about boobs & bras. Jason wanted to know why he wasn't invited ;-)

I can't disclose what we looked at or what we talked about but it was very nice to talk to other ladies who have the same issues as me!

I kind of can't believe the difference in my chest in these pics! CRAZY!!!

Fingers crossed {for I don't know what. It sounds weird to cross my fingers about my chest}

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