Saturday, October 19, 2013

{30 thoughts} the brain game {clothes version}...

There are a lot of aspects of losing this much weight that are a major brain game! The one that gets me is looking in my mirror and looking at my clothes.

When I was obese everything was tight. The only way around weight clothes that weren't tight would have been to wear a MuuMuu and those aren't too fashionable when you're in your 20's...or really...ever! My brain got so used to seeing tight clothes on my body that now that is all it knows!

Everything is tight when you're obese.
Now that I am not obese, and am technically considered in the "normal BMI range", my brain still wants to see my body in tight clothes. But I don't want to show too much off but I do want show off what I have worked for. I don't want to have my clothes make me look bigger but I don't want my stomach to be punching out of my shirt. I want to be fashionable and comfortable.

my official barre3 photo ;-)
as Sadie said "Look at that waist"!

after my live TV debut. No Spanx under these Spandex pants ;-)
It's a delicate balance. It's a mind game.

Fingers crossed {I'm doing this all right}.

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