Friday, October 4, 2013

{30 thoughts} the new girl at work...

I realized the other day that people at my new school don't know the "old Annie". They don't know the Annie that weighed 220 pounds, ate processed foods, and was miserable.

September 2011
Crossing guard duties

They know the "new Annie". I feel new compared to how I was 2 years ago but yet, I feel like this is who I was meant to be all along. I just hadn't found my place in the world or hit my tipping point!

I am trying to really stay positive at work even when I don't feel like it! I am eating left overs & salads for lunch every day. I go workout after school! When I leave, people ask me what time my barre3 class is or if I am going to the gym. At lunch people ask where I got the recipe for my dish.

barre3 strength. I broke the stapler ;-)

It is so much more fun being the positive, balanced, and healthy teacher. My days are full of schedule changes {I teach 12 groups a day}, lots of kiddos, and paperwork. I am using my time much more efficiently at work, focusing on present during any part of my day {not checking email/phone}, and making sure that first and foremost I am happy.

Because when I am happy, I can do anything.

Fingers crossed {that this year is my best year yet}!!!


  1. You are amazing, and I love hearing about your new journey through life. Seriously, you are awesome and such an inspiration.
    I hit my tipping point again, since I gained all the weight I had previously lost back. So it's time for my new story!

    1. Thanks Lynne!! Your comment means a lot to me. I love your mindset...a new story. Way to turn a setback into a comeback!