Sunday, October 27, 2013

{30 thoughts} busy being busy!

I totally fell off my 30 thoughts wagon last week. I thought about writing a few times but we were just SO dang busy! The downfall of being so busy means eating out. Today I'll divulge where I was and what I ate last week. I will be back-posting tips & thoughts so don't you worry! There is still more to come!

Monday we got some photo's taken! Just because we don't have cute kids doesn't mean we can't get our pictures taken. Right?? After taking pictures it was 6:30 and we were 30 minutes away from home and hungry! We went to Thai Orchid in downtown Vancouver and it was delish! I had the yellow curry with brown rice. Next time I might get just a chicken & veggie dish instead of the curry.

Tuesday we went to Grand Central Bowl with Jason's work. A company that works with him has a bowling night in Portland every year! Even though I was on restriction with my shoulder I still bowled a round!! We also exchanged names & numbers with some people our age in his industry so we are looking forward to make those connections! Since it was a business dinner it was catered and had free wine. I'll be honest here - I had two glasses of wine and three pieces of pizza. And you know what...I felt like crap ALL night! I also had a huge salad so it wasn't all carbs! Thankfully there were no desserts there otherwise I'm sure I would have eaten them!

gimp bowling

Wednesday I went to a book signing at Annie Bloom's Bookstore in Portland! We listen to and met Kelly from The Spunky Coconut! It was so fun to meet her and get our new cookbooks signed by her. Sabrina and I ate out a a fabulous restaurant called Marco's. I can't wait to take Jason there someday! I had a special that was chicken, potatoes, and veggies. It was delish and very worth it. I was full but not stuffed.

Sabrina, Kelly, and I

borrowed from Kelly's IG. That's me at the bottom right!
Thursday was BUNCO. Bunco is always full of bad food. Well, not always. Last month myself and another barre3 babe brought the food and it was all healthy! This month there was pulled chicken with Hawaiian sweet rolls, CANDY, Ritz crackers filled with PB or Nutella dipped in white chocolate, hummus and veggies/chips. And wine. This was really the first time in 1.5 years our Bunco group broke out the wine. I had one small glass and drank it through a straw. I definitely ate too much but I did have a Pita Pit salad before so...that must count for something?!?!
This weekend we actually had really good food choices. We'd both eaten out SO much during the week that it didn't even cross our minds to eat out!
I'm thankful I didn't go {too} overboard in eating and that I have a fun, busy life!
Fingers crossed {that I continue to make good choices}.

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