Monday, October 21, 2013

{30 thoughts} PCOS & dairy

Over a year ago my PCOS specialist told me to eliminate dairy. Yeah right...I thought. I think I might have even said it. Then, one month last fall, I tried it. And I didn't get a zit all month. I HAD to have been a coincidence I thought. So I started consuming dairy again and BAM! zits galore! What's even crazier is that depending on what type of dairy I eat as to where my acne pops up. Milk = head/hair. Cheese = chin/cheeks. I don't eat yogurt so I don't really know about that one!

Now, I still do have cheese, just now it is only a few times a week and my body kind of seems to be able to process is it without going into overdrive! I am not a doctor so I don't quite understand how this all works but I have read some good articles on it...


Will Eliminating Dairy Improve My PCOS Skin Concerns?

It has been proven in clinical studies that dairy contributes to PCOS acne. Put your World perspective lenses back on and look at how acne, a common PCOS symptom, affects the rest of the world. You will find that in less modern and wealthy countries with diets either low or dairy free, acne is non existent.
Dairy consumption spikes male sex hormones, androgens and testosterone, which are responsible for the hormonal production of acne. These anabolic hormones in addition to IGF-1 (remember that ugly hormone from earlier?) literally stimulate your skin to produce skin blemishes. In studies (6) it has been proven that dairy is associated with acne because of the presence of hormones.
BOTTOM LINE: Dairy is a major factor in eliminating PCOS skin issues. Ridding dairy from your diet will reduce the anabolic male sex hormones that are responsible for the hormonal production of acne. 

I am definitely a bit saddened by this outcome but I am willing to accept it most of the time because it just makes life easier! When I do eat cheese you can be certain that it is going to be the best!! I don't order it on salads and I use Feta sparingly on my salads. Barre3 nutrition director Jennifer Currtis said it best when she said "Use it like a spice". I will forever remember that!

I've seen others, specifically my friend Chelsea, in the PCOS community had success with eliminating or cutting back on dairy so it definitely works for some of us Cysters!! Looking back I ate macaroni & cheese at least two times per wonder I always had acne!

I found THIS website that really explains it in easy to understand terms why cheese is so addictive and so not good for some people.

I truly hope this helps some of you out there who might have PCOS and be struggling with acne!

Fingers crossed {I don't go cheese crazy once we open the Cougar Gold}...


  1. Back in the day, cheese used to be used as a condiment only, or eaten sparingly as a treat. The dairy industry is responsible for incorporating it into tons of foods so it could sell more cheese and milk. Now it's an ingredient in so many things, especially processed foods. Good cheese is expensive so it makes sense to use it like a spice. It's the cheap cheese that has no flavor that is being slathered or sprinkled on everything.

    1. Exactly. And my doc said that cheese really wasn't even originally meant for humans to consume so that's a whole different piece to it!

    2. I was going to post a piece relating to this too because people just don't believe me! haha. Thanks for the plug ;)

    3. You're welcome. I know...I didn't believe it myself at first!!